Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Christmas Feast

Hello! I've decided to take a break from the Christmas Recipes and share with you my experiences of roasting my very own first Turkey.
Now, I'd like to say that the highlight of the meal was the turkey or the dessert. But honestly? I'd say the veggies and the potatoes were the highlight.

This video by Heston covered quite a few essentials for the turkey, broccoli & carrots. yum.

However, turnips on his radar could not be found. :( So here's what I did:
  1. Wash and peel turnip
  2. Cut into cubes about the size of your roast potato cubes
  3. Roast them with the turkey for as long as it takes making sure that all exposed surfaces of the turnip cubes are covered with turkey fat, butter or oil
For the tomatoes, I just popped them in with the already-roasted potatoes when the turkey was browning.

For the potatoes, I followed Heston's food science recipe and it was absolutely awesome!

The turkey came with gravy stuffed inside so you can guess what I used for gravy.

Originally I was planning to use plain butter to grease the turkey but Heston showed me another way. I cooked the innards in about 3tbs of butter until cooked and poured the browned butter over the turkey.

Other than these new recipes and methods, all went pretty smoothly. Except of course, for the fact that I forgot to remove the turkey's neck from inside. -.- It took up precious space that could have been used for the stuffing.

Whatever it was, I thoroughly enjoyed preparing this meal and sharing it with family & friends. (:


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