Thursday, 10 January 2013

Christmas Post III - Patterned Zipper Pouches

Hello again!
Christmas was extra special cos I settled down to the sewing machine and discovered that making zipper pouches were just easy peasy!
It took some time to plan and a few trials & errors to discover what worked better.
I got this idea from Pinterest and in this post I'll just share a few tips on what makes this pouch easier to make.
I made 2 types of pouches...a boxy pouch from this post on Three Bears and a modified version which was a combination of the boxy pouch with this pouch from Leslie's Art & Sew.

The thing about sewing is that you should discover what works for you and what you can work with. I don't have fancy equipment like scissors that reduce fraying called Pinking Shears. I sew a simple zig-zag all along the seams before snipping off extra fabric.
Anyhow, here are a few tips that worked for me and may be helpful for you:

  1. Depending on the size of the pouch you're making, choose the size of the patterns on the material that will show. Basically, if your pattern on the material is too big, no one will be able to make out what it is!
  2. If the fabric you like is a thin cotton, iron on an extra backing with an adhesive iron on. This makes your material stiffer which allows it to stand on its own - much more attractive! Oh, and it prevents material from fraying!
  3. If possible, buy zips that fit the pouch you want to make and avoid cutting of any zip.
  4. Always pin or tack what you plan to sew and turn the pouch right side out to make sure you haven't pinned too much.
  5. Eyeballing the measurements can work but evidently, using a ruler or measuring tape would make things far safer.
  6. Iron/press all sewing after finishing and before giving away/using to ensure seams stay put.
So, if you've got a sewing machine, this is a fantastic project to try and who knows?! You may well be making this for Christmas 2013! :D

Have fun!

Amy. (:

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