Friday, 15 March 2013

Tint - Put a bow on it.

Here's a non-bake post. (:
For Christmas last year I made a handful of crafty items for friends and family. Again, an inspiration from Pinterest! Specifically this item.
Bows have found a soft part in my heart and I find them a simple but effective statement in an outfit.
It adds dress to casual, feminine and delicate to formal outfits, and in some outfits, can add that much-needed pop! of colour.

The only issue with the pin was that there was no template for the bow and I had to make my own. So I've done this post so that you can have the template that I've drawn up!

I bought plain black elastic hair ties from accessories shops and felt from Spotlight/Daiso. All in all I bought about 6 colours of felt. The Pin shows you the steps, so I will not go into that. Do make the bow bigger is you wish though I prefer mine dainty. (:

Friends and family found this to be a cute gift and had fun choosing which coloured bow they wanted!
This craft is a keeper and I'll definitely do more! (:


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