Tuesday, 9 December 2014

oh boy - "choo choo he's two" cake

So, 8 months. Must be a record.

Baking and cooking has taken a backseat and it has started to show with a few failed recipes within a week.

Nonetheless, I thought I'd share some photos and tips from the train themed cake I made for Elliot's 2nd.

The cake was a two-tiered chocolate fudge cake with the recipe in a previous post.

Icing was the chocolate fudge icing in the same post and vanilla icing from this post.
Colouring took time to perfect and experiment with. Adding a little colour and then adjusting the consistency with icing sugar or butter.
This cake was solid enough that dowels were not necessary.
The fun part? Icing and decorating. And it tasted just so good!

I chose the colours based on a train Elliot had and just put some scotch tape on the wheels to keep them as clean as possible.

The clouds were made out of rolled fondant and dusted with icing sugar.

Well, well. I returned from the UK to Singapore in August and started looking for a job that could provide me with the experience I needed for clinical nursing beyond the ward. This has landed me in a international clinic that incorporates travel medicine into it's services. Our focus group are expatriates and the international community coming through Singapore which I find very enriching.
So far so good and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Can't believe I've been nursing for almost 5 years! If I'd stayed in the hospital I would have been a Senior Staff Nurse. Boy, oh boy.

Anyway, I do have two more recipes to share following this…
Eve's pudding (an extra on apple sponge), and easy pasta for large gatherings.

Til then,

p.s. here're some photos from my time in walking on the South Downs Way. More photos can be found here.

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