Saturday, 13 August 2011

Chunky Chocolate Drops

These cookies are quite a treat and I would strongly advise against eating more than one every day! I got the recipe from The Greatest-ever Chocolate Cook Book. I've done quite a few recipes from there and I'll reveal those in later posts. Unfortunately I didn't have pecans at hand and almonds or walnuts just wouldn't cut it as the taste and texture would be terribly wrong.

There is tonnes of chocolate in this recipe and I didn't miss an ounce. I did however, add a bit more salt to make up for the missing pecans and only used dark and white chocolate drops.
The cookies should only be a dessert-spoonful dollop unless you want monster cookies the size of your hand! (well, my hand really.)

Anyway, I shall let the pictures do the talking. (:

God bless,

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