Friday, 19 August 2011

TNE (Trial & error)

Now, as much as I've enjoyed cooking and baking, I've had many frustrating and rough moments. The cake sinks, the cookies are overdone, the chocolate is burnt, the yeast just collapsed on me!

Unfortunately there seems to be more failures than successes in the photos I've saved. >:/

Anyway, I'll just post some of the recipes that have worked for me we'll leave it at that for now.

Hummingbird Cake. Filling enough for a meal! Not something I'd eat after dinner really but delicious nonetheless. (:
My very first macaroons. (: Beginner's luck I'd say because I haven't been this successful since then! I filled these with lemon cream. Unfortunately I've lost the link I got this recipe from but fear not! I shall conquer the macaroons in time to come! (:
This Orange Medeira Ring was a winner apparently though I never got a crumb on my taste buds! It took time to cut and arrange the oranges but this recipe is definitely a keeper. (:

Now these Golden Pull Apart Butter Buns were dead easy. This isn't the original recipe but from what I do remember, it's pretty close.
Cranberry Cookie Bars!!! These were a hit and I loved them too. But then again, I've got a soft spot for cranberries. (:
I honestly don't remember where I got the recipe for these Coffee Chocolate Chip Cupcakes and it is a shame. They were absolutely amazing melt-in-your-mouth handfuls of goodness. :D
Burnt Sugar Bundt Cake. Now this cake was a adaptation of the supplied link just cos I wasn't keen on the over-sugared icing (if that's even possible!). I just used the sugar syrup and poured it slowly over the bundt cake. I had extra batter and used that to make little burnt sugar puddings with ice cream. Now that was good. :D
A breakfast treat were these Breakfast Cups. Very simple to do. Either the ramkins were too small or I just had bigger tummies to silence so I had to top up the portions with toast, baked beans and bacon on the side.
These are a cupcake version of sugared donuts. I also did jam-filled-donut-cupcakes. Both recipes are somewhere around but I'm sure almost any recipe in cyberspace would do the trick. (: Worth a try!
Paddington Pound Cake! Another fairly old trial that I loved. The original recipe was for a strawberry and peach pound cake. Strawberry and peaches were around the corner at Cold Storage so I picked marmalade instead. (:
Golden Brioche. Loads of butter and not much else! This brioche was great but tonnes of work. I've only done it twice but it's really worth it if you can figure the time out so that you can lay it fresh on the table for breakfast.
Sugar, spice and everything nice. These Cinnamon Rolls are one of my favourite recipes! I've done them time and time again and they always disappear in a flash!
Now, there are a few kids that I bake with from time to time. They're such a handful and I find myself rushing from one step to another just to keep them from making too much of a mess or getting bored! This picture was from an occasion where we tried making rainbow cupcakes. Honestly, the cakes were supposed to have nicer colours and look a bit neater. But I let them choose the colours and pour the batter. Whatever it was, the vanilla from the vanilla bean shone through! Rainbow Cupcakes. (any more sugar and these kid-muffins would be bouncing off the walls!! so I left the icing off)

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. ((:



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