Friday, 22 June 2012

Product Review - The Fruit Factory

Soooo.... I do realise that product reviews are usual done on products sent to the blogger by a company looking for publicity. But I decided that since I couldn't bring the whole of Waitrose back with me from the UK, I'd choose a baking/decorating product and review it.

This was all for Father's Day...

Yasmin is my precious cousin who is being introduced to baking. Mostly cake-mix stuff but it's fun anyway until she can juggle ingredients and such. So this was a Chocolate Fudge Cupcake Mix made into a sandwich cake filled with an adapted version of Sweetapolita's Whipped Vanilla Frosting (which was just wonderful!). I'd rather have used the remaining vanilla frosting to frost the whole cake for some contrast in colour and flavour but was overruled! Chocolate frosting it was; pre-mix that is. Didn't make the gummies stand out much but they were fun to play with anyway.

Okay okay, to the product. So, The Fruit Factory is a label of some food items made by Humdinger Foods. There are quite a few products in this line and I just chose Fruit Strings (for spelling) and Fruit Stars (for deco). It's an fun and healthy decoration that can easily be used by kids and adds quite a kick to an otherwise boring chocolate cake! The fruit flavour pushed through and I didn't find the gummies too sweet unlike other usual sweets.
So if you want a change from sprinkles, smarties, skittles, coloured sugar-packed fluff, try these products. (:
Of course, if you want to try them without the cake, go ahead!
The Fruit Factory
 Yasmin hard at work!
 The Cake

Here're just a few photos of other things I did besides baking...
 Visited Lola's (& Primrose Bakery!)
 Went for walks...
 and more walks!
 With hot chocolate to warm you up thereafter. mmmmhmmm..
And many photo oppotunities shown here.

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