Monday, 10 September 2012

Celebrate! - No-cook Breakfast

Hello Readers! :D
it's so great to have a day off isn't it? Just kick back, relax and take a breather....sigh, what a luxury!
Anyway, J's 21st just passed and I racked my brains for a good week or more before settling on what to do. Then my plans had to be executed. He isn't the rah-rah sort who's up for a big party. And I'm kinda fine with that cos in that aspect we're alike. (:

more photos!
He lives where the sun sets and I figure that for once in his life, he's gotta end a run  with the awesome view of the sunrise. So, in my great enthusiasm, I scouted around for the perfect location to watch the sunrise here in Singapore. Punggol. Yes, Punggol. You're like... what??
Punggol beach is located right on the east coast of the island where the sun supposedly creeps up casting a warm glow on the beach.

Yes, I said supposedly.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a mighty cloudy day and all we managed to catch was a sliver of bright orange in between the clouds after a half hour run/walk.
Punggol beach has lots of history to its name. Morbid though but humbling.

Yes, I know this is a blog about food so here's the food part. (:
We headed home to a breakfast I had prepared.
Recently a colleague of mine introduced me to greek yogurt with granola. It comes with honey and berries (optional). J can be quite a health nut and I was keen to do this DIY style.
It's real easy and I definitely enjoyed it!

INGREDIENTS (per person)

  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1 cup of granola (store bought or homemade)
  • 3-4 spoons of honey to taste
  • Berries (optional)
 Buy/make the ingredients:
 Add Yogurt:
 Add Granola:
 Add Honey:
 Wash & add berries of choice:

Eat up!!


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