Monday, 3 September 2012

Learner - Bake Sale

So here's a different post.
Singapore General Hospital recently held a bake sale to raise funds for the Needy Patient Fund.
The Needy Patient Fund is basically a fund that provides financial assistance for patients who require medical aid such as in purchasing a wheelchair etc.

Unfortunately I wasn't given much details and there isn't much about this fund that I can find on the worldwideweb. :/

My colleagues, who happen to be involved, approached me to ask if I'd like to contribute 2 1kg cakes, sliced and packaged to be sold with coffee/tea. I thought it was a pay and go thing so I packed them tight to be carried away.

Looking at photos about it on facebook, I realised that it was entirely different! It turned out to be something like a tea party! haha. CEOs, Directors and such were serving tea and cakes to all who came by to support the cause. Others provided boxes of cookies, boxes of cupcakes and other fancy stuff.
I kinda felt real embarrassed about mine. Seemed rather pathetic. (truth be told, I have no idea where they found the money to bake stuff like that!)

Whatever it is, it was a great experience to budget and pack goods.

It was requested that I make a chocolate cake so I settled for the Dark Chocolate Chiffon Bundt Cake. The 2nd cake was decided after a poll on facebook: Apple & Cinnamon. I made a bundt cake too because that's easier to cut and looks presentable.

I searched high and low for appropriate packaging and this is what I came up with...

I cut the cakes into slices and placed them on pieces of waxed paper before slipping them into the plastic bags and sealing. Using the twine I did a gift wrap tie with a bow on the top. For the labels I printed a huge THANK YOU! with the blog's website below for some marketing. All in all, I packaged about 40 slices of cake.

Apparently the bake sale was a huge success and I'm glad I contributed!


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