Thursday, 31 October 2013

Uphill Climb - Work & work

It's been a while. :)
Have baked a little with some success and launched an Order Book on Facebook with a couple of orders coming in. A little disheartening I guess but what's life without the downs?! Chin Up!
I recently started a job as a nanny and it's been almost 4 weeks. Part time 4 days a week. Not ideal but good exposure to the job arena. The family is wonderful and challenging. Looking forward to trying a different age group though I'm struggling to decide my fees so that I remain affordable to some families but earn enough to save.
The Order Book? Well, I've always wanted to take orders and I have had the odd order here and there. No, it isn't just for Christmas. It's more like an Any-time-of-year-have-your-cake-and-eat-it wish list.
I put items on the list I felt confident about making but who'd have known one of my first orders were for cookies I deemed too simple to sell! And they sold, well, like hot cakes! Haha. Guess I'll have to add them to the list book. :)
Pricing? Well, that was tricky business. I tried to price them on what I would pay for certain cakes etc. but was told to up the price as they were too cheap. Ah..a Scrooge. ;)
Anyway, I've put up a new page here for orders and if you're in Singapore, well, go ahead & order.
Gosh, feels kinda odd to put myself out there like this. :/

Shall sign off here. Will be back with more when there's something in the oven. :)


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